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Turquoise Couch

  My Services  


50-60 minute session

Individual Counselling

In-person & Video options



90 minute session

Individual Counselling

In-person & Video options



15 Minute Consultation

An opportunity for potential clients to discuss what they are looking for from therapy, how I can help, and ask questions.

Phone & Video options


Sliding scale pricing is available on a case-by-case basis

How often should I book?

This is a common question. I discuss the following with clients so they can make an informed decision:

  • I recommend weekly or biweekly sessions at the start of therapy to set a strong foundation for progress.

  • How severe are the issues? How immediately impacted are you? How quickly are you hoping to improve? 

  • Are you paying out-of-pocket or do you have insurance? Do you know your insurance maximums? Are you budgeting for therapy?

  • What’s your personal preference removing all other factors? Some people prefer more time between sessions to process, while others like to maintain momentum with more frequent sessions.

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